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Irises Update, Other Bloomers

April 12, 2012

OK, now, several blooms are showing up on the Douglas Irises. They are lovely. The weird thing is, though, that within a day or two they start withering up. It seems to be a pattern … a new bloom, looks beautiful, and then a day or two later it’s a twisted parody of itself. I wonder — is this typical behavior for Douglas Iris? It seems strange!

Another thing: if you look at the pictures of my yard last year, in the post of Feb. 19, you will see that I had a fairly large section of Chinese Houses, a kind of wildflower that produces tiered flowers that vaguely resemble Chinese pagodas. I let all my wildflowers go to seed and cut them down after they bloom. But very few Chinese Houses are showing up this year, among the many many Elegant Clarkias. I’m wondering if the Chinese Houses just can’t compete with the Clarkias.

Other, non-annuals, are starting to bloom, too, like my Penstemons. Here are some pictures:


Newsflash: Douglas Iris Blooms!

April 2, 2012

What a surprise today … I was out in the yard looking around, and suddenly came upon a HUGE, GORGEOUS BLOOM from one of my Douglas Irises!

I have been waiting a year and a half for this plant to show any sign of blooming — a stalk, a bud, anything. Nada! And then, in the space of a single day (apparently!) it has come out with this spectacular blossom!

Not only that, but one of the other irises looks like it’s about to bloom!

I am happy!

The bud ...

More Wildflowers

April 1, 2012

Here’s a pictorial update on the wildlfower situation. They are exploding in a riot of color! But the weird thing is, it’s only April 1. This kind of thing does not usually occur until later.

And I notice by looking at last year’s pictures that the Elegant Clarkias don’t look as full and fresh. Possible reasons: (1) it’s too early; (2) there are more of them (last year’s crop dropped many seeds), causing overcrowding, with some lower leaves not getting enough sun; (3) the weird weather — hot hot days in the middle of winter, followed by near-freezing; not enough rain, followed by occasional deluges. Who knows? At any rate, I think they look very nice.

I should mention that not all of these pictures are of wildflowers. The only wildflowers are the Clarkias, the Poppies, and the Farewell to Springs.