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Hello Gardeners!

February 4, 2012

This blog is about my garden that features California native plants. OK, I should have started this several years ago, when I first began my garden. But I wasn’t sure at that time that it would work out — that ANYTHING other than weeds and crabgrass could grow in what I thought was my crappy soil.

But it turned out my soil was not as crappy as I thought. So, now that basically all the major plants have been planted (of course, you are never at the point of ALL), and the design of the garden is mostly set, I have decided to document it here in the hopes that it may help other people who wish to go down this path, and that others may help ME as I continue down this path, because, of course, nothing is ever done in a garden! And because it’s just one of the most interesting and rewarding things I’ve ever done.

My About page tells a little about me. On subsequent posts on this page, I’ll tell the history of the garden and show pictures of how it progressed — what it originally looked like to what it looks like now. I’ll also record the ongoing ups and downs and issues in real time, and post images of seasonal changes.

Happy gardening!