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Brand new caterpillar!

May 29, 2012

OK, now this is NOT the one I documented last time. It turns out there were several eggs on the plant — and this one was not on a leaf, but on one of the milkweed pods.

He has JUST hatched, and is starting to eat his old egg shell. Isn’t he cute? He’s tiny tiny tiny … a couple of centimeters millimeters long.

Can Monarch caterpillars eat pods as well as leaves?? I hope so, because it’s a LONG way to the nearest leaf — at least, if you’re only a couple of centimeters millimeters long. He has to travel the length of the pod, the length of its short stem, and then crawl along the plant stem an inch or so to get to the nearest leaf.

Anyway, mazel tov, intrepid travelor, welcome to our world!

UPDATE: Oops, I realized I got the scale of his length completely wrong! It’s millimeters, not centimeters! I’d say he’s 2 – 3 millimeters in length.